About Us

Godwin Research Group (GRG) is a research and consultancy firm based out of the Toronto Area that primarily focuses on politics, defense & security, economics, and energy & technology. Our mission is to provide in depth and up to date coverage of the latest global trends, provide real time data tracking, situational awareness updates, and breakdown the facts so that you get the most important information available. By organizing GRG's consulting services around predictive analytics and data-mining algorithims, the firm has vastly improved its business scalability, operational efficency, and competitive edge.

GRG has developed a successful method of accurately forecasting global trends.

We create content analyzing important issues so that individuals, firms, and organizations can actively and effectively manage their assets to better position themselves in the global community. Informal analyses & reports can be viewed publicly, while our formal publications can be accessed and downloaded from our private database (currently under construction).

This site is in a continuous state of evolution & growth. Check back frequently to see new content. 

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Some Notable Past Predictions​​

  • Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential Election to become the 45th President of the United States. 

  • Destabilization of the United States relations with its former and current allies.
  • The ineffectiveness of negative interest rates to stabilize the economies in nations such as, but not only, Germany and Japan. 
  • Russian military intervention in Syria.

  • A weaker US economy than forecasted by mainstream authorities, and the Federal Reserve's inability to substantially raise interest rates due to economic instability. 

  • China intensifying a geopolitical hot spot in the South China Sea with the creation of artificial islands. 

  • The spread of ISIS linked terror cells into Europe through refugee migration.

  • The development of the Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank (AIIB) as a counter balance to World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
  • Civil war in Ukraine after Western-backed coup of the Pro-Russian Government in Kiev in 2013.