Consultancy Services

Geopolitical Risk Analysis

Building resilience to uncontrollable geopolitical risks allows individuals, organizations and firms to minimize damage to their assets and operations by having a greater understanding of how these geopolitical developments directly impact them. Traditional analysis of historical data is unhelpful in an ever-changing global landscape that has the potential to produce adverse effects to an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Future focused analysis of global risks can help prevent and mitigate damage from adverse geopolitical events.  

International Integrity Investigation​​

Investigations and analysis of private enterprise, public services, government accountability, and ethics related issues. To serve clients by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust by powerful public and private institutions, using the tools of multi-level analysis. The consequences of these occurrences is identified and a clear assessment of protective measures for dealing with disturbances is provided. These investigations are fair, thorough, objective, and produce accurate results.     



Defense & Security

Economic & Market Advisory

The world is experiencing a challenging and rapidly shifting global market environment that contains lots of potential for volatility. Covering a wide range of economic and market insights, our services will enhance your understanding of the current market environments and global economic climate to enable you to have more flexibility in future transactions. Our economic & market advisory services provide future focused analysis of key market developments with a detailed assessment of the range of risks, ranked by degree of significance and likelihood of impact, and our opinion on mitigating vulnerabilities as necessary. 

Energy & Technology

Our Expertise​
  • Robust, clearly sourced and well-evidenced. 

  • Based on a balanced, unbiased assessment of risks and opportunities.

  • future-focused and relevant to agreed business objectives.

  • Clear and transparent to enable our clients to make informed decisions. 

  • Researched and analysed by our experience team.